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Wearable Technology Contest

Wearable Technology Contest

Created by Stockpools

Monday, 1st May 2017 Friday, 2nd June 2017

Rules & Regulations

Get Ready For The Wearable Technology Revolution

With smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices already becoming prevalent in today’s society, consumer tech companies are already stepping up their game when it comes to providing new innovative products. That innovation could be coming to your sock drawer.

Well, maybe not your sock drawer, but your wrist, eyeglasses and closet.

Wearable tech has finally begun to reach critical mass and could be one of the hottest trends in the sector for years to come. For investors, getting in on the market’s early adopters could lead to profits.

The publicly traded companies in this contest design and manufacture wearable technologies. These technologies are devices that can be worn on the body and measure a wide range of activities.

Choose a total of 5 companies in this contest to complete your picks, you are allowed 2 trades. We know you will enjoy this one!

Check out this article taken from Forbes.com outlining the projected value of this industry: Wearable Tech Market To Be Worth $34 Billion By 2020

And one from The Telegraph: The Evolution of Wearable Technology



  • 1st place: Amazon Gift Card (CDN) ($100.00)

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