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Siyata's Wildcard Challenge

Siyata's Wildcard Challenge

Created by Stockpools Inc.

Monday, 27th November 2017 Friday, 15th December 2017

Rules & Regulations

Welcome to Siyata's Wildcard challenge. This pool is sponsored by Siyata Mobile Inc (SIM.V) thus they are our featured company and will be a default pick. In addition you may make three wildcard picks BUT ALL THREE must be in the technology industry if you wish to be eligible for the prize! Good luck!

About Siyata Mobile Inc.

  • Siyata Mobile Inc. is a leading global developer and provider of cellular communications systems for enterprise customers, specializing in connected vehicle products for professional fleets, marketed under the Uniden® Cellular brand. Since developing the world’s first 3G connected vehicle device, Siyata has been a pioneer in the industry, launching the world’s first 4G LTE all-in-one fleet communications device in 2017

See Siyata Mobile's most recent Press Release.

For more information on the prize specs please click here.

  • Disclaimer: For this pool the prize is a cellular phone. If the phone is incompatible in your country or some other issue we cannot issue compensation. At pool end, winner will be inspected to ensure wildcard picks are in the tech industry, if the winner does not qualify, the prize will be forfeited to the next eligible participant


  • 1st place: Uniden U620 Mobile Phone

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