Clean Energy

Clean Energy

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Uranium Can Cleanly Keep the Lights On

To produce nuclear power, you need Power Plants with active reactors; currently there is approximately 450 nuclear power reactors that generate approximately 11% of the worlds electricity. That number will grow as nuclear abilities is increasingly being recognized as a “clean source of energy.” The source of nuclear power comes from Uranium, a few places in the world focuses on exploration to mine the product. Some of the highest-grade Uranium in history comes from the Athabasca Basin in Canada. Canada is known to produce often 10 times the quality than anywhere else in the world. Cameco is one company recognized world-wide for their Uranium production. In recent news, companies like IsoEnergy have also been operating in the Athabasca Basin, ISO has publicly mentioned they have an early stage discovery and has taken the next step by planning a winter drill program.

IsoEnergy Ltd. (TSXV: ISO) is a mineral exploration company and subsidiary of NexGen Energy Ltd. (TSX: NXE). The company has built a portfolio of early-stage mineral exploration properties in the prolific eastern Athabasca Basin of Saskatchewan, and has recently announced the intersection of high grade uranium at the newly discovered Hurricane zone.

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