Starts Nov 26th Ends Dec 7th

To commemorate the outstanding life of Marvel Comics' Stan Lee, we have created a comic themed contest. Stan Lee co-created some of the most iconic superheroes we know today, while impacting the comic book industry in tremendous ways. Known more recently for his cameos in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Stan will always be remembered through his work, and will continue to live on through the characters he's helped bring to life over his lifetime.

Marvel is associated with Walt Disney who owns their film rights, and Hasbro who has the licensing for their toys. DC is associated with AT&T who acquired Time Warner (Warner Brothers) who owns DC's film rights, and Mattel who has the licensing for their toys. The later categories are not directly linked to Marvel or DC but have some relation to them. (ie. theatres show their movies, Fox has rights to some of Marvels characters, Lionsgate and Comcast (who owns Universal) are both competitors)


1st place: The Amazing Spider-Man Ultimate Collection ($50.00)