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Cyber Security Contest

Cyber Security Contest

Created by Stockpools

Monday, 17th April 2017 Friday, 28th April 2017

Rules & Regulations

We have another small contest for you before we announce our next contest! get to know a variety a companies operating in sectors revolving around Cyber Security, Identity Verification, and Data Storage.

Choose two companies from each of the categories to complete your picks. There is no Wildcard in this contest.

Category 1: Cyber Security

This category is comprised of publicly traded companies who provide cyber security products and services (both software and hardware) to retail consumers and/or commercial and governmental organizations. Also included in this category are companies that provide network and data security products and services to organizations.

Category 2: Data Storage

The publicly traded companies on this list are providers of data storage devices and services or companies that provide infrastructure products to data centers.

Category 3: Identification and Verification

The companies in this category provide software, technologies and physical products to commercial businesses, other organizations or consumers in the areas of identification and verification.

The prize for this contest is CDN $50 Gift Card to Amazon.com, join now for your chance to win!



  • 1st place: Amazon Gift Card (CDN) ($50.00)

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