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3D Signatures Presents The Men's Health Stock Picking Contest - $1,000 PRIZE

3D Signatures Presents The Men's Health Stock Picking Contest - $1,000 PRIZE

Created by Stockpools

Monday, 5th December 2016 Friday, 24th February 2017

Rules & Regulations

3D Signatures Inc. TSX-V: DXD is a personalized medicine company with an entirely new class of biomarker for diagnosis, assessment and monitoring of major diseases, namely Cancer and Alzheimer’s Disease. The Company’s precision clinical tests are powered by a proprietary software platform that can measure the stage of disease, rate of progression of disease, drug efficacy, and drug toxicity, all based on the analysis of a patient’s three-dimensional chromosomal signature. The technology enables the personalization of treatment for each individual patient. 3D Signatures’ patented technology is supported by 16 clinical studies on over 1,500 patients on 13 different cancers (including prostate, breast, lung and multiple myeloma), and Alzheimer’s disease.

Below are links to their most recent news releases:

3D Signatures Inc. introduces business advisory board and celebrates recent listing by opening TSX exchange on Nov. 2, 2016.

3D Signatures Inc. appoints Jason Flowerday as new CEO

Letter to Shareholders

Major Clinical Trial

For more information, visit the Company’s new website at 3D Signatures or contact Hugh Rogers, VP Corporate Finance; (604-250-6162) investors@3dsignatures.com

3D Signatures is sponsoring this pool in the spirit of Men's Health and Movember, a movement dedicated to aiding those whose lives have been drastically altered by prostate cancer. Join the spirit and enjoy the pool!


3D Signatures Inc. TSX-V: DXD as the Title Sponsor of this pool is a default pick and all participants will have to pick 3D Signatures Inc. and track it's performance over the course of this pool.


Anti-aging (2 Picks / 10 Trades)

Biotechnology (2 Picks / 10 Trades)

Medical Marijuana (2 Picks / 10 Trades)

Nutraceuticals (2 Picks / 10 Trades)

Pharmaceuticals. (2 Picks / 10 Trades)

WildCard Pick ( Pick any 1 Company on any North American Exchange trading over $0.50)

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  • 1st place: Gift Certificate to Travel Agent of your choice (CDN) ($1000.00)

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