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Healthspace to Add Blockchain to Existing Platform


HealthSpace Data Systems Ltd. has signed a letter of intent (LOI) to collaborate with SIMBA Chain Inc. of Plymouth, Ind., to expand HealthSpace's ability to develop blockchain technology into its existing platform. SIMBA Chain will use its expertise and experience in blockchain to help develop and guide the initial prototype HealthSpace will produce. SIMBA Chain will also assist in the development of a white paper for how HealthSpace can leverage blockchain into both the public and private sectors for auditing purposes.

HealthSpace intends to use the initial version developed with SIMBA Chain to provide a proof of concept in order to demonstrate how audits and other regulatory checklists can be stored efficiently and cohesively in the blockchain. By doing so, HealthSpace can further integrate its existing iPad and Android apps to go beyond just government inspections and into private audits. Combining audit control software with the power of the blockchain will create a comprehensive toolset for furthering transparency between multiple parties who need concurrent access to the same chain of data, but have different rules for how or when that data are entered.

HealthSpace chief technology officer Silas Garrison stated: "We're excited to begin this new initiative with SIMBA Chain. They bring a lot of know-how and experience from having worked with both government and private sector clients in implementing the blockchain. We will leverage their strengths and our existing platforms to create a blockchain network that will fit multiple verticals within both governmental regulation and private audit trails. Bringing transparent datasets that can span across multiple organizations will not only create a safer environment for public health, but will allow businesses to save an immense amount of time and money. In the same way e-mail allowed for faster and easier communication, the blockchain implemented properly for audit trail purposes has the potential to completely change how information is collected and shared across the [business-to-business] space as well as the governmental space."

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