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HealthSpace Releases Restaurant Quality Control App


HealthSpace Data Systems Ltd. has launched an innovative quality control and customer experience application for restaurants that will help improve the overall health, safety and standards for food establishments across North America.

HealthSpace has teamed up with Keboola Data Services Inc., a data analytics solution provider, and Xotec Solutions Corp., a technology company that provides customer engagement software. This collaboration will enhance HealthSpace's current self-inspection solution, HealthSpace CS Pro, by integrating customer retention applications and health department inspection results. The application will enable restaurant operators to seamlessly compare and track their internal health and safety practices with data analytics from government regulators, as well as the general public through customer feedback.

This new application takes advantage of an increasing trend with public sector regulators to be more pro-active in assisting the private establishments they monitor and license. The goal is for the establishments to better manage their own operations to reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses.

HealthSpace is working with certain government health department clients on a pilot project that will encourage private restaurant establishments to integrate the HS CS Pro platform into their existing quality assurance program. By integrating HS CS Pro into the daily operations, a restaurant operator can perform quality checks on the full spectrum of its business. When the health department performs a routine inspection, the results are immediately uploaded to the app, so management can easily compare its internal results with what the regulator is finding. This has significant value for restaurant chains where management can have third party verification of what its operators are doing without employing outside auditors. Additionally, correlating inspection information directly with internal quality control activity will have a significant impact on improving practices in the establishment, thereby improving public safety.

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