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Friday Night Inc. a Major Player in Nevada’s Booming Cannabis Market


Friday Night Inc. (CSE: TGIF) (OTCQB: TGIFF) is an early mover in the Nevada industry, especially in the Las Vegas area. Las Vegas and the surrounding Clark County account for nearly 75% of Nevada’s population, and the city drew about 39 million tourists in 2017. If a company wants to be a player in the Nevada cannabis market, Las Vegas is the place to be. Friday Night’s 91% owned Alternative Medicine Association (AMA) was the first licensed cannabis cultivator in Southern Nevada, and the company recently announced expansion plans in the area to grow its capacity in the crucial market.

What Friday Night Has

Friday Night holds a 91% stake in the aforementioned AMA, as well as a 91% stake in Infused Manufacturing. AMA focuses on cannabis cultivation and branded products, including extracts. It operates a ~12,000 square foot facility and is currently building a 67,750 sf to significantly increase its cultivation capacity to meet the increased demand. The company’s own brands, which include flower strains, Vegas Js prerolls, and various concentrates, are available in dispensaries throughout the state. AMA also produces concentrates on a white label and licensed basis for other brands.

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